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2000 Toyota Celica

2000 Toyota Celica



22 Sep

This generation Celica would have benefited from a 6 speed auto, better engine longevity and fuel mileage.

21 Dec

Original Celica GT's are becoming rare so if you find a nice unmodified one try to keep it stock and you'll be rewarded with a great and reliable car to drive practically forever.

9 Apr

My second 7th Generation Celica, previously had a 2005 which I thought was the best car I had ever owned.

27 Feb

My celica had gone on MANY road trips and it always made EXCELLENT gas mileage as well as provided reliable transportation.

3 Jan

This Celica has 6 speed stick shift with an engine that can run up to 6.8krpm.

31 Oct

With all the highway driving I do, this Celica gets far better mileage than my 94 Dodge Intrepid.

31 Aug

I picked up a 2000 Celica GTS with most of the options in 2001.

22 Sep

At 116, trans fluid was dirty and grey, not red.

22 May

Air conditioning has broken down 3 times though, and now the transmission is acting up.

13 Dec

same engine and trans as the $60k elise weighs only 2400#s.

31 Aug

3) Shifting is difficult: This is not an easy car to drive.