Top Kia Suv For: Seltos

2022 Kia Seltos

2022 Kia Seltos



3 Aug

Highly recommend the Kia Seltos , it’s a perfect size suv and the price is perfect 😍.

23 Dec

compared with HR-V and CX-3 Seltos beat both in every categories of comfort, features, and size.

27 Oct

The Seltos drives great and offers a number of advanced safety features.

2021 Kia Seltos

2021 Kia Seltos



20 Jun


26 May

This car meets all my needs I love it the body style was the key to the reason why I choose the Seltos the color black is a beauty

21 May

I am LOVING the touchscreen, my Seltos comes with an 8” screen and is plenty big enough.

19 Apr

I love driving this seltos with the turbo.

14 Mar

I had a few vehicles on my list and the Kia Seltos and Sorrento was one of them.

19 Feb

My 2021 Kia Seltos SUV fits all my needs I wanted in a vehicle.

12 Feb

but, I'm 6'3 300 lbs and I fit in this Seltos LX comfortable.

26 Jan

I traded in a 2017 Sportage SX for the new 2021 Seltos SX.The styling and gas mileage were what sold me.I gave up some comforts like heated steering wheel and cooled seats

24 Jan

If you like to have problems with your car and driving [non-permissible content removed] rentals for extended periods of time in the first 5 months of owning a car, BUY THE SELTOS.

23 Dec

compared with HR-V and CX-3 Seltos beat both in every categories of comfort, features, and size.

15 May

I tell you this thing is junk, it rides rough, shakes like it's about to break down.

28 Feb

I have snow tires on it right now and the road noise is a little loud on dry pavement.

12 Feb

There is just one thing that frustrate me, was the squeaking noise during extremely cold weather that I never had this issue with our Kia Sportage 2018.

22 Dec

Road noise is very noticeable and having a conversation with a passenger can be a bit difficult.

17 Dec

Cabin noise when driving on the highway is fairly loud,

26 Nov

Cons: lane centering sometimes pulls you into oncoming traffic, slightly noisy cabin, mpg is far, far worse than advertised.

2 Oct

Very loud cabin and road noise when out on the highway.

8 Sep

This even after Techs from two different dealerships test drove and declared 1) "That is not right" (when he felt the vibration) and 2) described in his report to KIA as "Excessive Steering vibration".

17 Aug

The engine has started to make noises that are loud and the engine shakes when it is in lower speeds.

13 Aug

In general the interior feels a bit more rugged than in the Sportage and this shows with the road noise which is louder than in the Sportage,

22 May

No complaints on how the turbo or transmission work.

30 Apr

These issues continued and two transmissions updates later come to find out from other owners with similar issues the updates are just the start of a huge issue transmissions and engines are having to be replaced by the dealerships.

8 Apr

At just over 3000 miles on my kia seltos the the engine revved and transmission disengaged heard from service they would probably have to replace transmission.

3 Mar

Only 2050 miles 6 months old really nice SUV ride 75% better then my Acura RDX needs power driver seat manual sucks and little slow shift from 1st to 2nd

17 Feb

Transmission is a bit quirky in any mode

24 Jan

After 3300 miles, the IVT transmission broke.

30 Nov

The dual clutch transmission bucks and jumps at low speed.

29 Jun

The dual clutch transmission on the Tucson is terrible and this vehicle has the same set up and engine.

5 Jun

Although I do think the engine would do better with a properly functioning transmission.

22 Mar

I'm getting strong gas mileage 31 hwy and 28 City, only issue there is the tank is small 13.2 gls.

19 Oct

The reason I dropped a star on the rating is be sure of the gas tank.

29 Jun

Didn’t think the front seats are that comfortable.No power seat for passenger, No power lift gate and has a small gas tank 13 gals.Think the Kia Soul has a larger Gas tank .

3 Jun

Then something really weird happened, the back windshield wiper went off spray and all, without anyone touching it.

17 Apr

Things I don’t like, only 2 proper cup holders, the front windshield wipers the lowest speed is too fast so if it’s drizzling out you have to keep turning the wipers on then turn them off.

6 Sep

behind the mirror to provide more front windshield visibility, especially when turning right and going downhill. 3.

2020 Kia Sportage

2020 Kia Sportage



30 Jul

It's got more legroom in the front than the Seltos that we also looked at.

29 Jun

Things that dives me nuts are squeaks and rattles that you can't find where they are coming from.

21 Dec

Two problems I have: Loud at highway speed - road and wind noise.

16 Oct

Wind noise is faint.

29 Jul


9 Jun

Window regulator failure on 3 of the 4 windows in 6 weeks $445 to fix each; the A/C is poor; radio is wimpy; road noise is loud; large blind spots

17 Mar

The ride is a little more noisy than my prior sedan

22 Feb

This Sportage EX won't win races when the traffic light goes green and their is some noticeable road noise,

24 Sep

The ride is noisy with the 19in tires, wind noise is bad and the gas milage is terrible.

30 Jul

but the 19" wheels make to much noise and the wind noise is more than I expected.

17 Mar

One complaint about this car Maybe if I upgraded the stereo sys it would not be there Road noise .. at high speed sounds like you are in a jet plane..